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Daniel Bailey - osteopath

Daniel Bailey

MSc, PgC, BSc (Hons), DO, ND.

I graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2002 with a First in Osteopathic Medicine, I also received the clinic and overall student prizes. I started practice in Manchester, then soon after opened City Osteopaths Wolverhampton in early 2003 with my wife Jennifer. We moved the clinic from Coalway Road Penn, to Berrington Lodge on the Tettenhall Road in 2009. My working life is divided between patients at City Osteopaths, first team players at Wolverhampton Wanderes FC, my PhD research scholarship at Keele University, and my academic position at the British School of Osteopathy in London. I live locally in Wordsley and have 3 young children, on the rare occasion I do get some free time, I love to go clay pigeon shooting.

Clinical Practice

The majority of my clinical work is treating people with pain, this can be anywhere in the body and for any reason. I have worked predominantly in private practice where my patients self refer, although I have worked within the NHS before, seeing referrals from GPs. I have had the pleasure of working with patients from many diverse organisations such as the Halle Orchestra, ITV, Channel 4, Northern Ballet School, Royal Exchange Theatre and Royal Mail, which has provided me with experience in treating many different problems. I use a variety of techniques which are dependent on the presentation of the individual patient, but may include: soft tissue massage, instrument assisted massage, joint mobilisation, joint manipulation, exercise advice, ergonomic advice, postural advice, acupuncture and taping.


Since becoming an Osteopath I have completed a Masters degree in neuromuscular skeletal health care with the physiotherapy department at Keele University. A large proportion of this involved working with specialists in sports injuries from around the world. With new interest and expertise in this field, I began to see more and more athletes as patients at City Osteopaths. This led to the branding of Target Sports Injury Clinic to help promote my specialist interest. I was then approached by the head of the medical department at Wolverhampton Wanderers to see if I would have some input on the management of one of their players. This eventually turned into a regular arrangement, and I now attend Compton Training Ground on a weekly basis to work with the rest of the medical team. I was also chosen by the Osteopathic Sports Care Association to be the appointed Sports Osteopath to the local English Institute for Sport centre in Birmingham, should any Team GB athletes wish to have Osteopathic treatment.


I have been involved in educating future Osteopaths since 2004. I was originally invited to become an associate lecturer at Oxford Brookes University where I stayed for 9 years until eventually becoming a Senior Lecturer. During this time I also lectured on Osteopathy programmes at Keele and Staffordshire University as well as being a clinic tutor and examiner. I was appointed by the Quality Assurance Agency as a specialist visitor to take part in inspections of universities teaching osteopathy to ensure their quality. I also regularly mentor physiotherapists undertaking their MSc qualifications and MACP accreditation. Although I still lecture every month, I am now more involved with course management on the Masters degree in Osteopathy at the British School of Osteopathy in London.


My first research project as an undergraduate was to investigate the public's perception of the differences between Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Chiropractic. My postgraduate research involved investigating the prevalence of ankle injuries in football players and the current best rehabilitation strategies. I also conducted a trial to investigate the effectiveness of kinesiology tape as a rehabilitation strategy in professional footballers. I am now part of the Primary Care Research Institute at Keele University, which is also one of the research centres for Arthritis Research UK. My Doctoral research project involves developing a new way to measure whether patients adhere to the exercise programmes they have been prescribed for musculoskeletal pain. This initially requires a thorough review of current exercise interventions for pain treatment and how the adherence to such treatments is measured. Following this a consultation process with experts in the field of exercise treatment for pain will identify important elements to include in the new measure. Finally a large clinical trial will be conducted to test the new measure. As well as my own research project I am part of various other research and steering groups whose purpose is to provide guidance to clinicians on the best approaches to the treatment of painful conditions.

Services & Specialities

  • Osteopathy
  • Sports Rehabilitation