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Rapid access to safe, effective pain relief - with the added convenience of treatment in your OWN HOME or OFFICE - AT NO EXTRA COST

Experienced and compassionate, I will quickly assess the cause of your pain, whether located in your neck, back or elsewhere (perhaps your knees, elbows, shoulders, etc). I will then explain how and why osteopathy can help give the safe, effective relief you need and show you how to protect yourself from further similar problems

In the unlikely event that your problem is not suitable for osteopathic treatment you will quickly be told - in which case no fee is payable

I ALSO PROVIDE A COMPLETELY MOBILE SERVICE WITH NO CALL-OUT FEE within 15 miles of my Marlow base during normal hours, Monday to Saturday

Of course BACK/NECK Pains are the problems osteopaths commonly treat, but I also specialise in the treatment of SHOULDER INJURIES and KNEE PAIN.


Research shows that a major part of the pain and immobility associated with Osteo-Arthritis (OA) is not due to the joint degeneration itself, but to changes in the surrounding tissues as the body responds to the injury and tries to compensate for it.

There is no satisfactory way to reverse the degenerative changes in the joint, of course, although doctors might recommend surgery in some instances. But fortunately the secondary changes just described can usually be treated gently and effectively by an osteopath, resulting in dramatic improvements in mobility, comfort and quality of life - without the use of potentially hazardous medications or surgery.


The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body and, not surprisingly, is prone to a variety of painful injuries, often associated with sports but also a common consequence of occupational and everyday household activities.

'Frozen Shoulder' is one of these common disorders (a genuine condition, although the term is often used as a 'dustbin' when a more precise diagnosis cannot be reached ! ).

Another very common shoulder condition is 'Impingement', or "Rotator Cuff Syndrome". Osteopathy can usually give rapid and dramatic relief of pain and return of full function - without the use of pain-suppressant medications or surgery.

If shoulder pain is interfering with YOUR work or lifestyle, perhaps even your income, why not let me show you a safe, drug-free road to recovery ? There's no need to carry on suffering when the answer could be just a phone call away.


It's hardly surprising if you have !

Half of all adults suffer from BACK PAIN in the UK - and half of these will be in pain for 4 weeks per year or more !

In fact DISABLING back pain affects 80% of us at some point in our lives and it costs the Country 6 billion a year in time off work and lost productivity.

Now whilst SOME back problems are due to serious conditions (such as "Slipped Discs") it's actually true that the VAST MAJORITY are caused by much less sinister injuries and these will usually respond very rapidly and dramatically to simple, gentle osteopathic techniques.

So if you are one the many people trying to put up with the agony and inconvenience of back pain - or if you are anxious about possibly serious causes - let me put your mind at rest. Osteopathy could be the answer.

I can usually arrange an appoinment within 24 hours ..... WHY SUFFER NEEDLESSLY ?


NECK PAIN is one of today's commonest medical problems. A source of great DISCOMFORT and ANXIETY, it may follow physical injury (eg Whiplash injury) or, more often, simple wear-&-tear.

It disrupts so many activities - work, home life, driving, sport - and when it starts to interfere with sleep everything starts to get really out of hand.

It's quite natural to be worried when this vulnerable part of our anatomy starts to play up, and not without good reason because it CAN indicate a number of serious diseases.

But the truth is the vast majority of neck pain is caused by SIMPLE disorders which can be dealt with quickly and easily through very gentle osteopathic treatment.

Neck pain should always be taken seriously, though. Let your Osteopath or GP check it out early - you'll probably be surprised how easily you could lose the pain AND anxiety and get back to a normal life.