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Albury House Group Practice
134 Wellington Road

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Sara Kennard - osteopath

Sara Kennard


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We are a highly qualified and motivated team, dedicated to providing the best possible service for our patients.

We work closely with a team of Podiatrists, Physiotherapist, Remedial Sports Masseuse and a Reflexologist - all based here at Albury House.

We have recently celebrated 21 years in practise - looking forward to many more!

Our Osteopathic appointments are 30 mins long - on your first visit a detailed case history will be taken.From this, and a careful musculoskeletal examination, we can decide if Osteopathy is the right treatment for you. If so, we will discuss a plan and start treatment. If not, we will refer you to your GP for further help. We can also arrange private X-rays/scans.

Our range of treatments, from manipulation to cranial, suits patients of all ages. /FONT>


Osteopathy was founded in the late 1800s and brought to England, by my great grandfather, in 1917.

Treatment is aimed at helping the body to heal itself - if all the joints and organs are functioning normally then health follows.

In our practice we use all modes of technique as appropriate depending on a patient's problem, their age, their medical history and their preferences. This ranges from joint manipulation to gentle cranial and functional work.

Sometimes you need a series of treatments, other times advice and exercises alone will help.

We aim to explain your problem clearly, and help you to maintain health yourself.

If we feel a referral is necessary we write a letter,with your permission, outlining our findings to your GP or Specialist.

Treatment is covered by most major health insurance companies.


First consultation: 35-00

Further visits: 28-00

Under 16s: 22-00

There are no plans to increase our fees for the time being - we would rather be as inclusive as possible and be available to as many patients as we can.

We don't charge for letters to your GP/Specialist; referrals for further scans or X-rays; to your workplace/school or for sick notes.

People often ask how many treatments they will need - this is impossible to say without having attended the first visit, after which we can give you a much clearer idea. You are able to decide if you then want to book further treatments or not. Some cases need 2-3 visits, some 4-6. If there are several factors contributing to you problem it may take longer, spread over a greater time span, to return to full health. We regularly re-assess your treatment plan/ progress with you.

We're always happy to chat on the phone before you book.