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Osteopathy and the treatment of head pains

FONT FACE=Arial size=4 >Many people suffer from headaches, face pain and jaw clicking. Sometimes this is because of problems with the jaw joint. Jaw joint problems affect about 40 percent of people at some time in their life.


Problems that affect the jaw joint

There are various problems that can cause jaw pain, clicking, stiffness or spasm (trismus). Jaw problems can develop if there are changes in the way your teeth meet when you bite together, for example after having lots of teeth removed. Another cause of jaw joint problems is previous jaw injuries, such as dislocation.

A common problem affecting the jaw joint is called temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJD), where the jaw joint does not open or close correctly.

Symptoms of TMJD

The most common symptoms include:

pain - usually a dull ache in and around the ear, cheek bone or neck

headache, especially in the morning

jaw joint clicking -

What causes TMJD symptoms?

The jaw pain, clicking and restricted movement may be caused by problems with either the jaw joint itself or the muscles surrounding it, or both.

Pain can be caused by the ligaments and muscles surrounding the jaw tightening up.

Alternatively the ligaments may become loose, so that the disc of cartilage no longer stays between the jaw bone and the skull when the joint is moved. This may make a noise, either when the disc clicks forward after the mouth is opened or clicks back into place when it is closed. The noise may seem louder to you because the joint is close to the ear. Jaw locking is also caused by the disc slipping and getting stuck out of place.

Osteopathy offers a variety of techniques to help.

There are a variey of techniques, including; mobilisation and exercises to help improve the functionality of the jaw and the associated muscle groups.

Techniques commonly referred to as cranial osteopathic techniques are effective in balancing the area and returning the tissues t and function to the status quo.

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