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Norwich Osteopathic Clinic
433 Earlham Road

Show Phone Number...01603 504 508

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Rebecca Thorby - osteopath

Rebecca Thorby

Welcome to Norwich Osteopathic Clinic

We believe that physical problems respond best to physical treatment, so our mission is to provide the most appropriate physical therapy for your problem.

We also want to make getting treatment easy and accessible; so we have car parking and disabled facilities, offer free screening, and are registered with all major health insurance providers.

We can help with all sorts of physical problems…..

Back pain and Sciatica

Neck pain and Headaches

Arthritis and joint pain

Muscle pain

Repetitive strain injuries

Shoulder problems

Tennis / golfers elbow

Hip and knee pain

Foot pain

Sports injuries

Post-natal pelvic problems

Gait abnormalities

Stiffness and mobility problems

Exercise rehabilitation

What we offer...

We offer an integrated range of treatments to help restore your physical health and wellbeing. These include:

Osteopathy: A recognised field of healthcare devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of problems in the body’s bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, nerves and connective tissues. Treatment restores normal movement and function using a combination of gentle stretching, massage and mobilisation techniques, as well as joint manipulations as appropriate.

Medical Acupuncture: A treatment used to reduce muscle spasm and block pain messages.

Podiatry: A field of healthcare devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of foot and lower limb disorders. Treatment includes stretching and strengthening exercises, or insoles to correct the alignment of the feet and legs. Our specialist can also perform minor surgical procedures such as nail surgery with local anaesthetics.

Our therapists...

Rebecca Green BSc (Ost Med), DO, DN

Registered Osteopath and Medical Acupuncturist

Andrew Maddick BSc, Dip (Paed. Ost.), MRes

Registered (Children's) Osteopath

Ian Drakard, BSc

Registered Podiatrist

Your appointment...

Your first appointment…. £45 for about 1 hour

Follow-up treatments… £36 for ½ hour

Orthotics (insoles)… from £30 per pair

Contact us...

For more information please refer to our website

Please contact us on 01603 504 508