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Chris Stevens B Ost - osteopath

Chris Stevens B Ost


Osteopathy is a recognised system of diagnosis and manual treatment for many dysfunctions of the human body. Osteopathy is patient centered, which means the Osteopath will treat you as an individual in relation to your condition. By this, the Osteopath will diagnose your problem and identify any other factors preventing your recovery. These factors are then addressed using manual treatment, exercise and advice, helping your body to heal itself.

What do Osteopaths treat?

Back Pain, Neck Pain, Sports Injuries, Arthritic Pain, Sciatica, Trapped Nerves, Headaches, Repetitive Strain Disorder, Muscle Spasms, Ligament Sprains, Posture Problems, Joint Pains, IBS, Period Pain, Digestive Problems, Circulatory Problems, Constipation, Asthma, Sinusitis……. and many more!

How do Osteopaths treat?

Dependent on the patient’s problem, Osteopaths use manual treatment techniques such as joint manipulation and mobilization, soft tissue massage, stretching techniques and exercise therapy. Lifestyle and dietary advice may also be offered. For abdominal complaints, visceral techniques are used which include gentle mobilization of muscle and ligaments within the gut.

What Qualifications do Osteopaths have?

Osteopaths undertake rigorous four to five-year degree programmes based on thorough clinical training. Osteopaths have skills to diagnose conditions when Osteopathic treatment is not advisable. In these cases, patients must be referred to a GP for further investigation.

The British Medical Association recognises Osteopathy as a discrete clinical discipline. When visiting an Osteopath you have the same safeguards as when visiting your Doctor or Dentist.

There are over 3000 Registered Osteopaths practicing in the UK, giving over 7 million consultations per year.

Your First Appointment

This will last between 30 and 60 minutes. During this time you will be asked about your current problem and medical history. This is so that the Osteopath can create a thorough overall picture of you as an individual, and ensure the treatment is both safe and effective.

You will normally be asked to remove some of your clothing and then put through a series of simple movements. This helps the Osteopath to see how your body functions and assists in diagnosing your problem.

If necessary, further diagnostic tests are undertaken to ensure accurate diagnosis e.g. blood pressure, neurological examinations.

Although they are rarely needed, X-Rays, MRI Scans or Blood Tests can be arranged through your GP or privately.

The Osteopath will then explain what the problem is and suggest a treatment plan. Treatment varies dependent on the condition and will be specific to you.

If further medical treatment is needed the osteopath may contact your doctor, with your permission.