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Osteopath in Chilham and Canterbury.
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1st Care Osteopathy
Havenlea Place
Canterbury Road

Show Phone Number...07999 966 184

£35 - £40

Verified with General Osteopathic Council
Nadhiir Chanawala - osteopath

Nadhiir Chanawala

BSc (Hons), M.Ost, FAFS

1st Care Osteopathy provides Osteopathy, Applied Functional Science and Acupuncture, providing relief from symptoms of back and neck pain, postural problems, sporting injuries, muscle and joint problems, restricted mobility, arthritic pain, occupational ill-health. The original approach to osteopathy is structural working on the symptomatic area of the body and where the body's adaptation and compensation might be challenged to help current recovery and to prevent future recurrence of symptoms. The clinic is in Chilham (Canterbury).

The practitioner is Nadhiir Chanawala, having studied at the British School of Osteopathy attaining a Master level qualification (M. Ost). Registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) and a member of, and insured with the British Osteopathic Association. Post graduate certification in Acupuncture and further studying at the prestigious Gray Institute in the USA, and now a Fellow of Applied Functional Science.

Nadhiir’s approach to treatment is structurally based, treating the area of the body where the symptoms are present, and managing other areas of the body where the body's ability to adapt and compensate might be challenged. Adapting and compensating from Injuries, degeneration, work changes, stages of sporting activities, changes in daily routine.

The aim is to aid recovery of symptoms and prevent future occurrences.

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