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David Herson - osteopath

David Herson

Hart Osteopathy - Osteopathic Treatment near Hook

Back, neck or shoulder pain as a result of injury or long term problem? Hart Osteopathy relieve pain, rehabilitate injury and help prevent future problems.

Fast treatment for sports injuries. Act fast and you will recover more quickly.

David Herson is a registered Osteopath: It takes four years of full time study to qualify as an osteopath your painful joints & muscles are in safe hands. You donít need to see a Doctor first.

Hart Osteopathy offer:

Advice on what to do to help your recovery

Treatment within 24 hours if needed

Home visit if you canít travel

Call now for a free phone consultation

Osteopath Injury Treatment near Farnborough

Pain resulting from an injury, fall or operation? Fast treatment for back, neck, shoulder, ankle and knee injuries.

At Hart Osteopathy we relieve pain, rehabilitate injury and speed up recovery

Back Injury? The sudden onset of severe back pain can indicate a slipped disc, trapped nerve or sciatica. Your muscles tighten around the problem leading to stiffness and pain. Stiff muscles can be relaxed with osteopathy treatment.

Stiff neck? Shoulder pain? Slept badly? Woken up and canít turn your head? Neck and shoulder pain are often related - pain in the shoulder can be ďreferredĒ from the neck. We help identify the cause, loosen up the area and teach you simple stretching techniques to help keep pain free.

Suffered a fall? Turned an ankle? Twisted knee? A victim of a sports injury or simply overdone cycling or running?

Osteopathy for Aches and Pains near Fleet

In pain or discomfort for weeks, months or even years?

Gentle osteopathic treatment helps beat long term discomfort, aches and pains. A personal treatment plan will keep your future pain free, drug free.

Waking up with backache? Difficulty getting out of bed? Backache every morning from sleeping, or long periods standing?

Our treatment will help you get pain free in your lower back, joints and muscles enabling a good nights sleep

Stiff neck and shoulders in the morning? Slept badly, canít turn your head around? Suffering headaches, numbness or pins and needles as a result?

We identify the cause, loosen up the area and teach you some simple stretching techniques to help keep pain free

Sciatica and lumbago - wondering what to do for low back pain? Osteopathy is a safe and effective therapy.

Osteopath near Basingstoke treats Tennis Elbow

RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) or Tennis elbow? Hart Osteopathy specialise in treating and helping prevent further injuries. Fingers, hands and arms which are subjected to overuse compounded by poor posture, twisting, cold, vibration or stress, are vulnerable to injury. RSI, Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and tennis elbow are all examples of pain caused by overuse

Can osteopaths treat RSI, CTS and Tennis elbow? Yes - most work is on the upper back and neck through which control of the blood and nerve supply to the limbs passes. Osteopathy will manipulate joints to restore them to their normal positions and relieve tension in muscles and ligaments with massage and mobilisation techniques

Osteopathy Service for GP's near Sandhurst

Treating a patient with musculoskeletal problems?

At Hart Osteopathy we:

See your patient quickly - at home if necessary and carries out a full assessment

Plan for long term pain relief and provide follow up notes for your records

Have full liability insurance and participate in major medical insurance programmes

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