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Verified with General Osteopathic Council
Anthony Stokes - osteopath

Anthony Stokes

b>BUPA and PPP registered. /b>

Ingram Osteopaths has practices in Romsey and Andover, Hampshire.

We aim to provide outstanding treatment of musculo-skeletal disorders including back and neck pain, trapped nerves, chronic headaches, disc injuries, whiplash and more.

All practitioners are fully registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC), who is the professions governing body. Their role is to act in the same manor as the general medical council would for doctors. This ensures all osteopaths maintain high standards of practice.

Usually treatment can be claimed for through medical insurance including both BUPA and PPP, although in some cases patients will need an accompanying letter from their GP.

What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a physical therapy designed to assess and treat the musculo-skeletal system of the body focusing closely to its function and mechanics.

What to expect?

Within the initial consultation the osteopath will go through a full case history discussing your symptoms and any medical conditions that may be relevant to your presentation.

Following this, a full assessment is carried out looking at the mechanics of the body. This will usually involve assessing your posture, the health of the muscles and joints as well as trying to identify any other elements that may be contributing to your presentation.

Following the assessment the findings are discussed with you and their significance explained and a diagnosis and prognosis given.

Finally, as long as it is safe and appropriate to for your condition, treatment will begin.


Usually this will involve soft tissue work into the muscles, tendons and ligaments, articulation and manipulation of the joints to try to improve upon their mobility or position and stretching of the spine and body.

You may also be given some basic rehabilitation exercises to further improve upon these changes. This is to try and quicken recovery in the short term as well as reducing the risk of further episodes. Usually they will involve additional stretching and flexibility work, muscular strengthening exercises, core muscle work and postural advise.

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