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Lucy the Osteopath
The House on Snow Hill
1 Snow Hill Court
St Paul's

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Lucy Rayner - osteopath

Lucy Rayner

What is an Osteopath?

Osteopathy is the science and art of using gentle and effective manual techniques to restore the optimal and appropriate function to the human body. Using a highly developed sense of touch along with extensive knowledge of detailed anatomy and physiology the Osteopath can recognize and properly diagnose; physical strain patterns, joint restrictions and uneven muscular tone.

The Treatment

Gentle manipulations and adjustments of misaligned joints are some of the techniques of Structural Osteopathy. It can greatly improve joint movement, increasing the quality of blood supply and nerve impulses around the body. Massage, articulation and joint manipulation are all techniques used to effect posture, spinal mechanics, fluid dynamics and functional stability.

Conditions treated by Osteopaths

Our unique and holistic approach also recognizes that in a number of occasions the source of the presenting symptoms may well be arising away from the site of pain or discomfort. We believe in most cases there is an underlying emotional component contributing to the problem.

About Lucy Rayner

Lucy Rayner B.Ost qualified from the British School of Osteopathy in 2005, developing a keen interest in Sports Medecine early in her career and having worked as Sports Injuries and Massage Therapist and pitchside Medical Staff for Chingford Rugby Club, using a unique osteopathic perspective of acute injury care for treating the Club players, Lucy continues to treat many World Class Sports Athletes and their injuries.

Now continuing her studies into Cranial and Classical Osteopathy treating expectant mothers and their newborns, understanding the body from the very beginning, Lucy also spends her time volunteering with local charities, and regularly locuming abroad to expand the reach of Osteopathy around the world. Her own training in Martial Arts and personal experiences combining treatment and training with other professionals gives great optimism and energy in her system of care.

Lucy's style incorporates a combined approach from all aspects of the Osteopathic techniques, using using a wide range of osteopathic tools from Structural, Visceral, Functional and Cranial techniques to encourage healing to be as effecient and long lasting as possible.