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Osteopath in Chelsea, Sloane Square and Victoria.
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We Own Wellbeing
9a Wilbraham Place

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Maxine Hamilton Stubber - osteopath

Maxine Hamilton Stubber


Hi I’m Maxine, founder of WOW. I'm passionate about integrated wellbeing. My experience tells me it’s the underlying causes of our pain where we can achieve, and sustain healthy changes, insights and wellbeing.

My studies have taken me deep into the sciences to prove my intuition, and anchor my core beliefs…Change begins on the inside.

My studies include a BSc(Hons) Osteopathy, MSc modules in Obstetrics, Clinical Neuroanatomy, and Advanced Integrated systems. I have also been part of Spectrum, the college of Humanistic Psychotherapy for the past 9 years. Basically body, brain, mind, and the relationships that bring them all together.

"Change starts within, and everything is connected".

Science gives us the understanding and the tools of getting to the essential you, the art. The difference that makes you you, and all of us the same, because we are all unique.

I have had the pleasure of 17 years of clinical experience, including a clinic for the Royal household for the past 10 years.

Services & Specialities

  • Osteopathy