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Damian Moore - osteopath

Damian Moore


I trained at the British School of Osteopathy, here in London. It is the oldest and the largest school in Europe and has an excellent reputation, particularly for what is called 'Structural Osteopathy'. This is the best known form of osteopathy and concentrates on understanding the interplay of forces through joints muscles and soft-tissues. Treatment will aim to resolve local dysfunction using articulation (Movement of joints to gradually increase range of motion), soft-tissue work (forms of massage type treatment to muscles and other soft-tissues) and manipulation (very small but fast movements of a joint which may result in an audible pop or click). As an osteopath I am interested in why the dysfunction has occurred and will undertake a holistic review of the patient to address any asymmetries or imbalances, this will encompass more than just the musculoskeletal system and we may discuss any lifestyle factors which may contribute to your presentation. As well as the structural techniques listed above I am trained in and use:- Still Technique - this is a particular form of articulation which is not much practised outside the USA but is very powerful despite being very gentle and safe, it is particularly useful for patients who don't like being manipulated, or for whom manipulation is not suitable. Functional Technique and Balanced Ligamentous Tension- these are two very gentle forms of treatment indeed but can be very effective. Rather than stretching out tissues or extending range of motion by pushing through any guarding that is restricting movement, functional and balanced ligamentous tension techniques looks for the 'point of ease', that is to say that I will support whatever tissue and by making small movements always in the direction that the tissue concerned is most comfortable. I will find the point where the tissues surrounding the area have the least tension through them. I can support the joint at this position and because of the lack of tension in the tissues they are able to relax. I don't currently offer osteopathy concerned with involuntary motion (often called cranial osteopathy), paediatric osteopathy or specialised pregnancy care.

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