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Hart Osteopathy
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Simon Brocard - osteopath

Simon Brocard


I am from French speaking Switzerland and came to London to train because of the excellent reputation of the British School of Osteopathy. Osteopathy seemed like a natural career for me as from an early age I instinctively used touch and massage to help those around me. In addition to my studies at the BSO, I trained in both Cranial and Classical Osteopathy. Classical Osteopathy places increased emphasis on the integration of the body as a whole, and this forms a key part of my practice. This means I have an excellent understanding of how the body can react to the stresses placed on it and how to provide the impetus required to allow it to heal itself. I look for the cause behind the symptoms and makes sure to address it, helping me to provide long term symptom relief. I use a wide range of treatment methods depending on what is appropriate for my patients, their lifestyle, goals, and the conditions they present with, but as a principle believes that osteopathic treatment should be a pleasant experience. I find that treatment employing gentle touch, working in harmony with the body’s innate intelligence, can be just as effective and is often more long-lasting than those using greater force. Gentle treatment guiding the body towards health is, in my experience, more effective than trying to force it to do something it is not ready for. I see my role as an assistant to your body to do what it does best: be healthy. I find Osteopathy a tremendously exciting career. It is an ideal combination of scientific reasoning from clues given by the patient and human interaction. It combines science and art, sensitivity and logic, right and left brain, to help patients live their lives to the full. No two cases are the same, and the same applies to treatment. I find my days being beautifully varied, from the array of patients that I see and the many ways I use to approach them.

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