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Jeremy Burton - osteopath

Jeremy Burton


Osteopathy offers a gentle and effective form of treatment and is suitable for people of all ages. The objective of osteopathic treatment is to reduce pain and discomfort from stiff or tender muscles and joints and to make everyday activities easier and more comfortable.

On your first visit I will take a detailed case history that will include questions about your activities, past medical history and any medication you may be taking. Next, I will carry out an examination to assess your posture, tissue health and mobility. This will help me diagnose and understand your condition better so that I can develop and discuss a treatment with you to suit your needs. To support treatment I will also advise you on exercises that you can do for yourself and how to avoid further injury or pain.

About Jeremy

I am a registered osteopath and certified Active Release Techniques practitioner for the spine. Osteopathy is my passion and I find it a privilege and hugely satisfying to help people find health. I am drawn to osteopathy because it seeks to understand why people have discomfort and why this has occurred at this time. What makes osteopathy different to general practice is that consultations are longer so there is the opportunity to talk with the patient and to let them explain what is important to them and what their concerns and priorities are. This allows me customise treatment for each patient.

Jeremy can help with:

Neck pain and back pain

Shoulder, arm, wrist and hand pain

Pelvis, and hip pain,

Leg, knee, ankle, and foot pain

I also treat many conditions including:



Minor sports injuries and traumas

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

Posture related problems associated with work or pregnancy

Frozen shoulder (Niel-Asher Technique)

Golfers elbow

Tennis elbow

Nerve pain

Free spine/joint checks

As a service I provide free spine/joint checks that provide you with an opportunity to seek my opinion about your condition or learn more about osteopathy but with no obligation.