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Rotimi Adegoke - osteopath

Rotimi Adegoke

The Osteopath

Rotimi Adegoke graduated in 1992 from the British College of Naturopathy & Osteopathy, (BCNO),

now called the British College of Osteopathic Medicine, (BCOM). He is both a registered osteopath

and a naturopath.

He since specialised in cranial osteopathic techniques with the Sutherland Society. For the

first seven years after graduating he developed his cranial techniques and experience, with

children and infants, by working in a specialised osteopathic childrens clinic. His role here

developed to included clinical supervision and support of osteopaths.

Being an osteopath and a naturopath, he is skilled in traditional osteopathic techniques and


He was one of the UK's first osteopaths to work within an NHS hospital, the Central Middlesex NHS

Hospital in west London.

Osteopathic Treatment

Osteopathic treament consists of gentle manipulation and stretching of the muscles, ligaments

and joints. Treatment is not painful, it is rarely uncomfortable and is often relaxing.

Conditions treated

A vast range of conditions can benefit from osteopathy. Examples of such conditions, roughly

listed from head to toe are:

arthritic pains

muscle injuries

jaw pains

whiplash injuries

shoulder injuries

arm and hand pains

tennis elbow

golfers elbow

RSI injuries, (common in for example in wrists & shoulders)

rib injuries

back pains (neck to low back)

spinal disc injuries

sciatic leg pains

hip injuries

knee injuries

ankle sprains

foot injuries


post operative treatments

post traumatic treatments, for example after bone fractures or soft tissue injuries

Other conditions treated which combine well with naturopathy are:

rheumatoid arthritis

ankylosing spondylitis




recurrent chest infections



recurrent tonsillitis




menstrual difficulties

glue ear


colic in infants

poor sleep

cerebral palsy





presenting symptoms may be as vague as "not quite feeling right" or "feeling out of balance".

Osteopathy is for all of you

Many patients present with injuries caused by mechanical wear, tear, and irritations of everyday

life. Such causes may be related to one's work or out of activities. Occasionally, the injury may

be caused by a one off event. Causes can range from heavy labouring work to sedate office jobs,

rugby to riverbank fishing, rising from a chair, D.I.Y., gardening, general house duties,

watching TV, socialising, playing a musical instrument.

All age ranges from newborn infants to the elderly can benefit from such treatments.

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