Jane Brannan


Osteopath in Southgate, London and North London.
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Garden Flat28 Abbotshall Avenue

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Jane Brannan - osteopath

Jane Brannan

Osteopathy Today

Osteopathy is now recognised in law by the Osteopaths Act 1993. Only Osteopaths registered with The General Osteopathic Council may call themselves Osteopaths. Osteopathy is an effective treatment for a wide range of painful disorders. It is a holistic approach, helping the whole person as well as restoring the function of the musculoskeltal system.The aim is to relieve pain and get you going again as quickly as possible.Patients of all ages can obtain benefits,including babies and the elderly.The treatment is tailored to suit each individual.

I am also qualified as a Naturopath.

My Treatment

Osteopathic treatment generally consists of some deep massage,stretching of muscles,balancing of ligaments and manipulation of joints where indicated.

techniques I use:

-Cranial osteopathy is a very gentle approach and is suitable for acute or longstanding problems.

- Exercisesand yoga stretches

- Exercises for rehab after accidents and operations.

- Dietary advice

- Deep relaxation

- Stress management techniques.


Some of the conditions I treat

- Aches and pains related to our modern lifestyle including work strain,driving,and prolonged sitting at computers/overuse of the mouse.

- stress and tension held in the back,neck and shoulders.

-Hurried mothers syndrome.

-Aches and pains of pregnancy.

-Preparation of the mothers pelvis prior to birth.

-Post-partum work includes rebalancing the mothers body after birth,especially weak pelvic floor and post natal depression.

-Arthritic pain and stiffness

-Sinusitus,headaches and migraines.

-Sciatica,slipped discs and back-ache.

-Neck-ache and whiplash injuries

-Golfing injuries

Please note I do not treat babies or children under 5years old.Please telephone to discuss your childs' problem