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Find an Osteopath Terms & Conditions of Serivce

Nimbus Digital Ltd (hereon 'Nimbus Digital') provide the 'service' referred to as 'Find an Osteopath' or '' and will not initiate access to such services for any client requesting the service until this agreement has been accepted by such client.

Should a client (whether business or member of the public) reserve a SUBDOMAIN name of the service with Nimbus Digital then Nimbus Digital will allow the client exclusive and unlimited use of the DOMAIN name for their web-site purposes while their account remains active. Should a SUBDOMAIN be thought to have become dormant or inactive then an e-mail will be sent to the registering party, and subject to the response to such an e-mail the SUBDOMAIN will either remain active or be deleted. (If an e-mail address registered within the registration process is not correct then the account will be disabled immediately without notice in any event and this agreement will become void with immediate effect).

Should any free service supplied by Nimbus Digital under the service program (including a free web site provided as part of a Community program) become dormant or inactive for whatever reason then the 'Free' web-site/service may be deleted/terminated. In any event any re-instatement will be subject to these 'general conditions of use'.

Links from the service to another web site will be allowed subject to such websites being considered suitable for normal viewing (for example where content may be considered distasteful).

Attempts to ‘work-around’ account restrictions are strictly prohibited and actively monitored, and will result in services for that account being terminated and deleted immediately.

Within the standard service provided to the client some advertising will be displayed and the client will have no discretion as to the nature of such advertising other than it should not be reasonably considered to be distasteful.

Each standard account includes a profile page which must be updated by the account holder (osteopath) directly by logging into the member's area. All osteopaths are responsible for the displayed content and associated web pages of their account.

Support is provided strictly by email only unless otherwise agreed as part of an upgrade. Nimbus Digital will endeavour to answer all support requests within 2 working days.

All member agreements are for a standard term of 3 months whereafter Nimbus Digital may either approve an extension or not of the service.

Upgraded accounts are paid for in advance by subscription. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time by visiting the subscription page of the member’s section. No refund is available for unused time. If no rewewal payment is made before or on the expiry date (automatically or otherwise), the associated account will automatically be downgraded to basic status.

Members permit Nimbus Digital to make reasonable enquiries to verify the authenticity of member qualifications and registration details.

Nimbus Digital reserves the right to contact the client from time to time by e-mail or other means to offer upgrade services to the standard members and to discuss the suitability of services provided to the client.

The client/customer shall fully and effectively indemnify Nimbus Digital against all costs and expenses which Nimbus Digital incurs in enforcing any of the terms and conditions of business contained herein including, without limit to the generality of the foregoing, the recovery of all monies due from the client whether by proceeding or other means to be assessed on a solicitor own client basis.

As Nimbus Digital are serving a professional market place, we reserve the right to cancel our web site services to any clients at any time without notice (and any other Nimbus Digital services supplied) if members participate in spamming or such site contains: copyrighted, illegal, misleading, hateful, violent, sexually explicit, adult-only or other content deemed distasteful as determined in our sole discretion. All costs incurred by Nimbus Digital in enforcing our actions and our conditions of business as a result of such circumstances will be deemed recoverable and due from the registered client who has incurred such action, and recovery of all monies due from the client whether by proceeding or other means to be assessed on a solicitor own basis.

Nimbus Digital reserves the right to change all and any terms and conditions of this Agreement with clients at any time and without notice. It is the responsibility of clients to periodically review the currently posted terms and conditions of use at Find an Osteopath to assure compliance. Nimbus Digital reserve the right to change the content of any offer or commence to charge for any service at any time (including currently free services) once the initial Agreement period is over, giving at least one months notice.

Nimbus Digital acknowledges that members depend upon a reliable and professionally hosted web site. We will take reasonable action to ensure that loss of data and other downtime do not occur. We also will take reasonable efforts to ensure that all features, tools, and services are accurate, reliable and operating as represented. However, in no event shall we be liable for or assume responsibility for any loss or damages (of any kind) that may occur.

This Agreement is governed by English Law, and all parties consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the English Court System and the London High Court in all disputes arising out of or relating to your use of Nimbus Digital Ltd services.

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