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Find an Osteopath Member Help

Please read through answers to frequently asked questions below and watch the tutorial video above. These are for osteopath members and relate to managing the information Find an Osteopath stores and publishes. NOTE: Questions and answers vary depending on if you are logged in or not.

I am an osteopath. How do I get listed on Find an Osteopath?

You will need to apply for an account. We will then verify your details and contact you to set up your account.

I already have an account, but I have lost my log in details?

You can recover your username and password be completing the form on the user credentials recovery page. Your details will be sent to you upon successfully completing the form.

What does membership cost? (Find an Osteopath Pricing)

Currently we have 2 membership types: BASIC and UPGRADED.

For a BASIC account we make a one-time-only charge of £29.99 to verify you and set up your account.

UPGRADED accounts can be paid for annually or monthly. Currently we charge £69.99 for annual, and £9.99 for monthly.

Why is there advertising on this site?

Banner ads allow us to keep the price of providing the find an osteopath service low. The ads we display are provided by Google. We do not and cannot control which ads are shown. Google tailors ads to you and the content of our site.

Upgraded osteopaths will not see the ads and ads will not appear on their listings on the site.

What are "site-wide" stats? What are stats "hits" and "impressions"?

These are totals for the site as a whole, rather than just your listing and locations. Upgraded members will see both their stats and the site-wide stats, whilst basic members only see the site-wide numbers.

We measure two types of event on this site: Impressions and hits. Impressions are when your listing or marker comes up as the result of a search or browse action. Hits are when a visitor actually clicks your marker or visits your listing page.

What is each stat counting?

As an upgraded member you have access to all stats. You can choose to view stats measured over the last 30 days, 7 days, or 24 hours. Here's an overview of what each counter is counting (and checkout the video below):
Note: We also filter out visits from search engines and automated robots.

  • Browse Letter Impressions
    Incremented each time a visitor chooses to browse using the first letter of one of your catchment areas. It is counting that your practice marker has been displayed to the visitor.
  • Browse Location Impressions
    Incremented each time a visitor chooses to browse using a place that matches one of your catchment areas. It is counting that your practice marker has been displayed to the visitor.
  • Search Impressions
    Incremented each your practice marker(s) are shown as the result of a search.
  • Marker Clicks
    Incremented each time a visitor clicks one of your practice markers on the map (either as the result of browsing or a search).
  • Page Hits
    Incremented each time a visitor clicks "more info" to display your full listing page.
  • External Site Visits
    Incremented each time a visitor is directed to your main website. (This option must be enabled in your profile. It is only available to upgraded members.)
  • Site-wide browse hits
    Incremented each time a visitor chooses to browse osteopaths. This is a global value that indicates the overall browse volume, independent of your listing. A hit is only recorded when no other criteria are selected (ie before a letter or place are chosen).
  • Site-wide search hits
    Incremented each time a visitor searches on the site. This is a global value that indicates the overall search volume, independent of your listing.
  • Site-wide [placename] visitors
    (Where [placename] is your primary/first catchment area as set in PRACTICES > CATCHMENT AREAS.) This counter indicates the popularity of your primary location across the whole site. It is counting the number of times that location has been searched for or browsed. This number is independent of whether your listing was shown or not.
  • Home Page Impressions*
    Incremented each time your listing is featured as a local result on the Find an Osteopath home page.
  • Telephone enquiries*
    Incremented each time a visitor reveals your telephone number on your listing.

* = NEW (not documented in video)

How do I link to my own web site?

When a visitor clicks your listing we can automatically direct them to your website.

  • Firstly, you will need to be upgraded.
  • Next, under your PROFILE » LISTING, enter your full website address (including http://) in the WEBSITE field
  • Insure you mark the 'Tick this box to automatically redirect' checkbox () is selected.
  • Click SAVE

How are results ordered for ostepoath searches?

Since osteopaths are displayed on a map, there is no ordering - as such. However, upgraded osteopaths are marked on the map with a more prominent icon:

However, when vistors click the LIST VIEW option, upgraded osteopaths are shown at the top of the list. The order of these results is randomised.

In some high level browse views, non-upgraded osteopaths are not shown.

How do I get a featured marker on the map?

Osteopaths are marked on the map with one of two marker icons:

Osteoapths marked with the blue spine icon are upgraded. You will need to upgrade to appear like this.

All practices/locations associated with an osteopath will then show the upgraded icon.

What are catchment areas?/How do I define areas where I appear?

You can currently define up to 3 catchment areas under PRACTICES » CATCHMENT AREAS.

Catchment areas are locations (palce names) that define where you expect to attract clients. Find an Osteopath uses information from your practice addresses to locate you on the map and in searches, but catchment areas allow you to expand on these by defining neighbouring or wider areas.

Catchment area places are used in the BROWSE facility on the site.

Say you practice in Hammersmith in London. You might add catchment areas as London, Shepherds Bush, Fulham.

How do I remove a practice and marker from the map?

On the Practices page simply delete the address and postcode for the practice and click save. This will also delete the map co-ordinates.

We are a clinic/practice. How do we get listed here?

Find an Osteopath lists osteopaths and allows them to add up to 3 practices where they work.

If you are a practice manager, you must get at least one of your osteopaths to register and add your practice to their account. There is no way to list practices without any osteopaths.

How do I do I come up at the top of Google searches?

We are always working to insure Find an Osteopath is well listed in search engines. Being listed and linking to your website here will help your ranking.

However, there are a number of factors that Google (and other search engines) use to determine where you come up. These include the content of your website and the code behind it.

Nimbus can help optimise your site to improve your search engine ranking.

How do I contact the Find an Osteopath support team?

Support for BASIC members is only available via email. To initiate a support request, please complete the form below. UPGRADED members may contact us by telephone as well. The Find an Osteopath upgraded member support line phone number is included in your upgrade email.

You need to log in to access the contact form.

Can you help with my website?

Nimbus Digital Ltd. provide the Find an Osteopath web service. We also build websites. If you are considering building a new website, please contact Nimbus.

We offer a wide range of services including search engine optimisation and website design.

How do I downgrade or cancel my subscription?

If you subscribed through this site with a credit card, you will be able to manage your subscription from the subscriptions page under 'Manage Subscription'.

Once there click the DELETE button to cancel your subscription. Your account will remain upgraded until its expiry date. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund for unused time.

I am no longer practicing. How do I delete my account?

Please contact us using the form above giving your details and a telephone number. We will verify your request and delete your account manually.

Where can I find a Find an Osteopath Promo Code

From time to time we run promotions offering discounted membership and upgrades. These promotions will be publisised via email, on the website or to our followers on Facebook or Twitter

Google Ratings/Reviews Integration

Find an Osteopath now pulls ratings and reviews for your practice from the Google Places API.

You must be registered with Google My Business for ratings and reviews to appear and, of course, have some ratings and reviews submitted by members of the public.

You should also insure the practice name in the practices section of your profile matches the business name registered with Google.

Oct 2015: Please note, this feature is currently experimental and may not work as expected. If you are experiencing difficulties or it is not workign as expected, please contact us with details.

What does 'inc registration fee mean' on upgrade page?

We make a charge for your initial registration and for upgraded accounts.

If you choose to upgrade for 1 year during the registration process, your registration fee will be waived. However, to upgrade monthly, you'll need to pay the registration fee first.

(Upgrades are for the period you select and can be cancelled at any time. However, there is no refund for part-use.)

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